Being Home

Arriving home is always a little bitter sweet.

I love where I live in the Pacific Northwest and there are very few places I’ve traveled that I would actually move to. Maybe Koh Chang. So coming home feels great when I first breathe the fresh air and see the endless green trees.

Coming home this time around I had a strong feeling of accomplishment, too, because I had made it through the heat over 7000 miles in my Ford Transit – towing a 1500lb trailer wagon for 4000 miles. Not just heat, although that was the talk of the weekend getting home right as the heat wave was hitting Washington, I also drove through two storms, up mountains, down narrow winding roads with the ten foot trailer that is now my home.

The downside is that the reality of my life at home tends to hit me like a battering ram. It is like while I’m gone everything stops – the responsibilities, the chores, the passage of time. Then the clock suddenly starts as soon as I get back.

I have done a few things since I got home to Washington. I have a toilet. I have a shower and privacy tent to shower in. I have a cooler. I picked up my leopard gecko Bo to join me and Bruce on our adventure and the cabinet that functions as his stand. Her stand. Her. We found out a few years ago and I still can’t get it right.

There’s a longer list of things I have not done.

The first on that list is to build my bed.

I have gotten measurements for all the dimensions and picked up some of the supplies; but right now I have a long way to go. I will need to pull everything out and put an additional board between each of the beams in the walls to prevent holes that things like my keys could drop through. Then, on those boards, I’ll attach 1 inch planks from the back wall halfway across the room to the second beam.

Without my bed in the way, I’ll be able to secure the legs under the planks. In the picture above I made sure that the sizing was correct before I move on.

Once the bed is in place, this place is going to suddenly seem downright roomy! My clothing will go under the bed, the power source and PS4 VR setup will go under the bed. And Bruce’s bed will go where all those electronics are.

It’ll be another big relief when I get the kitchen built and have some counter space to work with; but for now I’m feeling okay with where I’m at. I really jumped into this with very little plan and here I am. Still alive. Still able to provide for my doggo.

It’s an adventure.

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