We Got The YouTube!

After struggling for quite some time with bad internet; Bruce and I are finally on YouTube!

I have 5 videos up on there now including the Laramie Wyoming video in which we wander aimlessly and see what happens.

You can see all five videos AND SUBSCRIBE to my page at :


While you’re at it, check out our Instagram by the same name to make sure you never miss a Bruce picture – like this one!

Bruce got into some trouble back in Sundance and had to get locked up. Luckily I found ‘The Kid’ at City Hall and he helped with a good ol’ jail break!

Sundance, Wyoming was our last stop before crossing into South Dakota where we got to see the Dinosaur Park. I have never seen my temp gauge in the van reach 100° and I just about lost it when we topped out at 108° going through the western part of the state.

Coming from the coast, it was awesome to see the offramp sign from I-90 for ‘Center of the Nation’; because that meant we were halfway from coast to coast. It would have been cool to see the monument there; but we had our stops planned for the day and still got to camp after 7 o’clock.

I hadn’t thought through time zone changes when I made reservations; so we were really on track with my plan to get in around 6 PM – only in Wyoming’s timezone.

After a day relaxing in the heat of South Dakota we will head East again to Minnesota! Yeehaw!

The book that I picked up after finally finishing Ready Player Two is called Lawless Prairie – by Charles G West.

At first, I was really entertained by the terrible writing of it as well as the simple fact that it was based in Wyoming. The dialogue is especially awful and I have an active enough imagination that reading bad dialogue is akin to watching a ‘so-bad-it’s-good’ old western movie. And there is enough historical and geographic information in there to earn the author some points. {I’m big on having a factual environment for fiction unless it is meant as an alternative reality; making up details when you can utilize google to set the story in reality is just lazy and I can tell that Charles West is not a lazy writer.}

This morning, though, I lost a lot of respect for him as I round the 100 page mark. The simple, ‘savage’ depiction of Native Americans goes beyond just accepting the way that settlers viewed the natives and implies a bit of racism on the part of the author. I also think that rape is an unnecessarily horrific thing to use in any form of entertainment and although he doesn’t describe the event up to this point in the book it is very strongly implied and only serves to further demean the native culture. There is absolutely no need for it in the character’s development when the cuts and bruises on her face from harsh treatment would have been plenty to bring her out of the innocent settler mindset in which we meet her character.

The shoot-em-up scenes and bad dialogue are really the only thing keeping me going. I’ll see if I can get through to the end.

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