Oh, Laramie

I really don’t like Wyoming.

We got 20,000 steps in, saw the UW campus, and I got an excellently terrible book from Safeway based in Wild West Wyoming; but I am happy to be moving on.

We came down here to check out where my treasure box came from and we spent the day adventuring and had a good time of it – DQ pup cups and all – but I do not like the Midwest. It is WAY too dry. WAY too flat. And WAY too hot.

I can’t put everything I wanted into the video that I made today or put it on my new YouTube channel that I made because full bars and LTE doesn’t mean the same thing here as it does at home. I have no idea how my service is so bad when it says it’s perfect. It just is.

Add to that the absolutely useless WiFi that KOA provides and we are just out of luck.

I was hoping to just get it up here and move on; but I’ve spent several hours and no matter how good it says my signal is I’m getting nothing.

There’s also a near constant wind that is making my life WAY too difficult right now so I’m just going to upload without the video… Fail.

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