Tour The Van

Before I head out on my trip across the country with my dog, Bruce; I wanted to post a little tour of the van for my video update.

I am looking to start a YouTube channel soon to house more video content; but for now you get to see my cheesy videos here.  In the past, my videos have mostly just been 5-10 minutes of me holding the camera in my face and talking about my trips and adventures.  Now that I plan on making more video content on a regular basis, I am going to be playing around with some other formats.

I plan to leave tomorrow and head to Montana, hitting two stops in Washington that I have never been to – Ginkgo Petrified Forest, Riverfront Park – and Burke ID.  The driving time for the day isn’t too horribly long for the first day of a cross country road trip; but with three planned stops, I expect to get into Montana and go straight to the campsite.

I have two nights reserved at the first campsite, so that Bruce is able to work into the long travel days.  With a goal in mind apart from just seeing the sights, we are doing a lot of one-night-stays to get to Maryland and back without it taking much longer than a month.  Luckily, almost all of our midday stops that I have planned are places that should be beautiful and have a lot of exploring potential.  But getting in late and leaving early every day wouldn’t leave a lot of time for s’mores, writing, reading, and whatever else happens to come up at camp.  So we will be trying to take our time where we can.

The next time I post, it will be from the road.

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