Updates From Across The States

As I wait here in Washington; my Road Gypsy Wagon is being put together in Maryland.

I got an update about two weeks ago with an image of the wagon walls up on the trailer and painted in Lucky Green – which is included in my post The Trade Wagon. That was a couple of days before I was supposed to head out and I already knew that I was going to be delayed; but seeing the building of the wagon has helped me to remind myself that the journey has already started and this is all just part of the story.

This week, I got an equally exciting update; the roof is on!

12oz. canvas cloth encapsulated in waterproof glue

Road Gypsy Frequently Given Answers

The description of the roof is one thing that initially caught my eye when I was deciding on a wagon to pull behind my van. I wanted something in this size range (6′ x 10′) and I wanted it to look like a small home; not a pod. There are several things that I really like about the Road Gypsy trade wagons; but it definitely had to have a waterproof roof.

This isn’t something that is made to sit in a garage until a sunny week when you take off from work. This is made – in my opinion – for those who want to choose a lifestyle that allows for more than two weeks of vacation out of the fifty-two weeks in the year.

I also live in the Pacific Northwest.

We are known for our rain and I want something that is going to last – with normal maintenance.

Here is what their website says about their process :

By encapsulated we mean not just painted on, but four layers utilizing several gallons of glue. We then finish it with two coats of Sherwin-Williams high-performance pro-industrial coating. It is absolutely waterproof.

Road Gypsy Frequently Given Answers

And it looks great too! I can’t wait to see it all put together with the yellow trim and shutters. The adventures that we will have!

The waterproof roof will be important spending weekends at Westport in the summer and keeping dry through the winter; although we will have a tarp to put over the top during certain times – like snow – to protect it long term.

If I haven’t left by next week I may pop from the prolonged anticipation. It is such a weird place to be where:

  • Yes, I can just wait around for a month;
  • No,I am not going to lose my job;
  • Yes the wagon will still be available when I get there;
  • No, the people I am meeting along the way are not expecting me at any particular time

But it is so frustrating dealing with the Ford service people that I am going completely insane. Not to mention, this trip was meant to have the convenient side effect of helping with my mental health and helping me get through larger frustrations in my life. Now, this tiny thing – not being able to get a shipment in for a month – has created a situation where I have to keep going to work, keep interacting with the world. When all I want to do is get on the road with my dog and spend a month picking up a wagon to hitch to the back of my van.

A task so simple and solitary that it will take almost no brain power to complete.

Well, cross your fingers for me.

As soon as I get on the road it’ll be nothing but beautiful views and dog photos!

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