The Treasure Box from Laramie

In my last post, Route to Hagerstown, I mentioned the town of Laramie Wyoming. There is very little that I know about the town of Laramie.

  1. It is home to the University of Wyoming
  2. There are various museums and libraries there
  3. It is not a large town
  4. I have a wooden box that was made there
  5. I am going to go there on my trip

That is all I know; but I hope to find out more when I spend a couple of days in the area. Maybe even find someone who makes boxes.

A couple of years ago, I became very intrigued by Forest Fenn and his treasure. With a degree in Anthropology and a love for Indiana Jones movies; I definitely want to go on a real-life treasure hunt someday. I bought his book that is most closely associated with the treasure he had hidden; started marking maps, looking at pictures, and reading his blog. I even started a web-page myself to organize some of my thoughts around my reading of his book. Unfortunately for me, it wasn’t something that I could spend a lot of time searching for – he didn’t hide his treasure here in the Pacific Northwest. So I didn’t get very far; but someone else did. Last year, Forest Fenn’s Fortune was found.

At least someone had a good 2020

Well, I tend to be a hoarder and collector of anything and everything that peaks my interest. So, I put together the coins and cash that I have saved from around the world, along with a few trinkets and some old US coins, and put it all in a small box that I had laying around that had a latch that I could put a combination lock on.

My little treasure box has not amassed nearly the same value as the one the Forest Fenn left; but I am hoping to build it up to the point where it may bring joy to a fresh set of explorers. I won’t have the box itself with me while I travel; but I will have my eye out for things that could fill it’s depths.

The oldest US coin that I have so far is an 1878 Morgan SIlver Dollar

In the box, I have some cash and quite a few coins from several of the places that I have traveled – Thailand, Japan, Ireland, Nicaragua, Belize, and Canada.

There are also coins from places that I haven’t been that I have found including from the United Arab Emirates and Morocco.

And I have a few random trinkets like the two small Thai dragon figurines that I picked up at a small antique shop in Chiang Mai.

Most of the US coins in the collection are from the 70’s, with some more recent. I have several bicentennial’s from the United States’ 200th birthday. The oldest US coin that I have so far is an 1878 Morgan Silver Dollar that someone used for face value with a few similar coins at a marijuana store that I was managing. I wasn’t the one helping them or I would have strongly advised against it; but their loss is my gain.

And the writing on the front of the box that I am keeping all these fun little things in says Laramie, Wyoming. So why not stop on our way across country? I haven’t decided where I would leave the treasure box once I am done building it up; so it could end up there in Laramie – we will just have to wait and see.

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