Route To Hagerstown

Thus far, I have planned out my trip to the East coast in detail and I have most of a plan for what I am going to do while I am there and on the way back. The main purpose of the trip is to get my RoadGypsy Trade Wagon from Hagerstown Maryland; so the sights along the way are just a bonus. But we have to make the most out of our trip.

I have at least one spot planned for each state that I’ll be driving through. I tried to find places to stop that will show me the beautiful nature that the country has to offer; but two of the top criteria were a central location between campgrounds and dog friendly. There are a couple of places that I want to see that we won’t be able to go inside of with Bruce; but if we are going to stop he has to be able to do his business and get some energy out.

One thing I am constantly reminding myself is that dogs are typically allowed in State Parks but not National Parks. Remembering that and making sure to keep your dog leashed and pick up after it are good ways to leave a good impression on a town if you aren’t sure what all the rules are. If you unwittingly break a rule, at least you were being respectful. I am looking forward to checking out the Kamp K9 off-leash dog areas at some KOA campgrounds.


Before leaving Washington, I will visit Ginkgo Petrified Forest State Park in Vantage and Riverfront Park in Spokane.

Going through the panhandle of Idaho on the way through to Montana, I am going to stop in Burke. I am not sure that there is much there to see; but I look forward to finding out.

Once we are well into the state of Montana, we will be stopping at the Garnet Ghost Town. I don’t know; we’ll see.

In the geometric state of Wyoming, I will be stopping in Sundance – where the Kid was arrested – and Laramie. I’ll have to do a whole post about the Treasure Box from Laramie to explain why I am stopping there.


Entering South Dakota, I look forward to Bruce’s reaction to the Dinosaur Park. Apart from that, I have a full day of exploration planned for South Dakota with no specific location in mind.

Driving through Minnesota; Bruce and I will stop at Okabena Lake for a break from the drive and to use the facilities. From the looks of things, it is more of a local attraction than a tourist spot; but we are trying to keep on mission for this part of the trip.

The day that we get into Wisconsin, Bruce and I should have less driving to do; so we will be able to spend plenty of time at Mirror Lake State Park.

The Baha’i House of Worship in Illinois is right next to Lake Michigan and, although it doesn’t sound like a dog friendly stop in itself; I will have to have a look on our way to find a nice beach to walk around.

Well, now. That is a cool flag.

Bruce and I will be going pretty quickly through the northern part of Indiana. But we should have plenty of time to check out Indiana Dunes State Park. This stop is also right off Lake Michigan; so we should have lots of options for beach walks.

After one full day of just enjoying Lake Michigan in Michigan; Bruce and I are going to visit Verhage Fruit Farms and spend the day exploring more of the state. Just the glove though, not the part that’s basically Canada.

Ohio has a good state flag too. I like the ones that don’t remind me of European family crests.

Making a stop on our way through Ohio; Bruce and I are going to stop at Cedar Point Water Tower. It looks like a pretty spot for a walk.


The last official stop before we hit Hagerstown will be in Pennsylvania at Laurel Hill State Park.

Finally, just over the border into Maryland, Bruce and I will arrive at our first real destination – Hagerstown.

This is where we will be picking up the trade wagon from RoadGypsy! I am so excited I just can’t wait to get started.

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