The Trade Wagon

As concerned as I am about the delays in getting started on my Road Trip; I am very excited and optimistic about my future travels with the Sabbatical Trade Wagon from Road Gypsy. Mike over there in Maryland has been awesome to work with, updating me on progress and making sure that I get exactly what I am looking for.

When I messaged him this morning to let him know that I am not going to make it to that side of the country as soon as expected; he sent me this image so that I could see the progress!

‘Lucky Green’ Sabbatical

The Sabbatical trade wagon from RoadGypsy is a 6 foot by 10 foot wagon build onto a utility trailer. With a plethora of options, I went with a more simple design that will at least ensure that I can fit inside (At 6’1″ height is always a factor!).

  • Standard Windows (No added Vendor Window)
  • Single Dutch Door
  • Primed Walls, Floor Covering, and Curtains included
  • Two Feet of Extra Height

Acquiring this beautiful wagon is a big reason that I am going on a cross country trip; if they were made locally I would probably have done a trip to the coast and called it good. But compared to the trips and experiences that this will open up for the future, this Road Trip is just a drop in the proverbial bucket.

Here’s the big plan :

Given the dimensions of the wagon, I plan to put a six foot bed in against the back wall for me and my 75lb German Shepard.

I am going to build in a flip up desk with a bin beneath to hold my computer, accessories, and entertainment center (PS4 VR does not require a screen for games, movies, and tv)

After I get back, I will pick up two display bookcases to hold my hundreds of books in rotation.

A sign will need to be made that will read “Trade Or Donation”

As I travel around, I will collect trinkets, books, collectibles, or anything else that peaks my fancy.

I will go around each summer like a traveling Bard showing up in towns and trading away whatever oddities I can find.

First, The Wagon. Then the World.


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