Preparing For the Journey

I need travel like a fire needs fuel.

One big trip gives me energy to burn until the next: energy for the workday, energy for social interactions, energy to read and write and create rather than burning out. A bunch of small trips does the trick too; as long as I am able to keep it up.

I can only thank my lucky stars that we weren’t in Peru when everything shut down

Over the last year and a half, though, everything seems to be extra draining. Travel, grocery shopping, haircuts, having a conversation and everything else that we do as people in the 21st century was thrown into chaos by the global pandemic. This time last year it seemed as if 2020 was going to be an unfortunate bump in the road. As it turns out, we weren’t able to keep the virus from growing, mutating, and adapting to 2021. In all likelihood; COVID-19 will be with us for a very long time. So, we also have to adapt.

Last year, I was supposed to take a trip to Peru in May to cross South America off my list. I can only thank my lucky stars that we weren’t in Peru when everything shut down and thousands of travelers around the world found themselves stranded. Still, at the time, it felt like a dire situation. As a person who actually gives a shit about others; it has been difficult to unwind over the last year. With all of the pressure that we face to make sure we don’t forget a mask when we leave the house, to hold others accountable for their mask-wearing and social distancing, and continue to work each day if we had a job that was considered essential (which I did) all while not alienating anyone else who might be struggling silently with the same set of circumstances jut getting up in the morning has been exhausting.

Living near Seattle, I have also felt morally obligated to be involved in the Black Lives Matter movement that has turned a mirror to society on a global scale. Working for over a year on social and environmental issues as Assistant Director of the Fund for the Public Interest’s Seattle office I gained a number of friends who are strong activists. And as a tall straight middle class white male I have a privilege that others don’t have that allows me to walk Seattle streets without fearing for my life. Maybe I read too many comic books growing up; but I believe that those of us with privilege we didn’t earn have a higher responsibility to society to be what the people around us need.

I have decided on a BIG United States Road Trip

In order to get away from all of that pressure, without adding the stress of international travel in the time of COVID, I have decided on a BIG United States Road Trip. At first I was looking for a local option to get a tiny home built that I could tow around on my Ford Transit Connect. There weren’t a lot of pre-built options in my price range; and looking at the cost of building something myself; I was blown away by the cost of the trailer itself. Even looking at secondhand options online I was going to be spending a lot of money to build something myself that would have been a very simple, square design.

That is when I happened on the website for Road Gypsy and discovered the numerous options for size and customization, with different window options, three styles of door, custom painting, and more. All within my price range!

Lucky Green walls with Goldfinch trim and shutters

As mentioned; I am a taller individual (6’1″) so I went with the two foot height extension; but I didn’t want to get anything bigger than I really need. I opted for the six foot by ten foot option referred to on the website as the Sabbatical rather than the larger Sojourney. Lucky me, I don’t sleep completely straight out; so a 6 foot bed against the back wall will work perfect for my needs! As I am posting this; Mike is painting the Lucky Green walls with Goldfinch trim and shutters. I cannot wait!

The inclusion of the ‘WeVideo’ in the top corner of the video is because I got fed up trying to upload the MASSIVE video from my phone.

If anyone has suggestions on video editing software for a Chromebook or uploading large files directly from a phone please let me know in the comments!

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